Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Bunny Day to all!  My weekend was not dull, but there’s not many pictures of my activities. Saturday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning and what not.  Perky was helpful. I also tended to my plants and moved some to my bedroom window sill. My night ended with going to my…


Yuri’s Night Cleveland

My weekend was such a blast! I can’t even get over it.  All week I was super excited for Saturday night and thankfully, I was not disappointed.  Saturday started off with me getting some stuff done around the home as per usual and settling details for the night.  Then, my best friend came by and…


What a Weekend!!

This weekend flew by but wow was it fun!  A lot of unexpected things happened.  I have to say, I’ve missed road trips.  Even though I don’t consider an hour and a half away much of a road trip, for someone who hasn’t drove that far for a while, it was fantastic.  Singing at the…

Perky wished us all a Happy New Year.

Welcome 2014

Welcome to 2014 and Happy New Year!! I’m hoping that this year is WAY better than last year. Yes, there were some good parts, but there were some really horrible parts as well. We won’t review those though. Let’s focus on the positive because staying positive is what helps us get through the bad times.…

My setup for The Flea!

The Cookout and The Cleveland Flea

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, here’s what happened after I got home from my trip to North Carolina.  While I was gone, Gnausho texted me and asked if he could crash on my couch Friday night (I arrived home Wednesday) because we were going to be leaving early for The…

This was Tag's way of saying that now that I was home, I wasn't going anywhere. :3

Lately, It’s Been Crazy

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write a blog, but then again, it’s been very crazy lately.  It might take me a couple posts to catch up on what all has been going on, so consider this part one. :p First of all, my trip down to North Carolina to meet and…


Lovebirds Chirp!

The other night, at a party, I had the pleasure of watching a friend have a conversation with a lovebird. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂