Fluffy Plays Fetch

My mom’s cat, Fluffy, has started doing something new. My mom gave her the rubber bracelet off her wrist and out of no where, started playing fetch with it.  I just had to get it on video.  How often do you see cats play fetch?


Fun in the Arctic Vortex

Hello all! Yes, you read that title correctly. I managed to have a tiny bit of fun during the arctic vortex.  It wasn’t all fun and games, but there was some fun involved.  Let’s start off with the stupid un-fun parts, shall we? First off, my car door lock froze so badly that I couldn’t…

Perky wished us all a Happy New Year.

Welcome 2014

Welcome to 2014 and Happy New Year!! I’m hoping that this year is WAY better than last year. Yes, there were some good parts, but there were some really horrible parts as well. We won’t review those though. Let’s focus on the positive because staying positive is what helps us get through the bad times.…


Merging of Art & Virtual Assistance

Hello to all!  I hope you’re enjoying this insane weather (or at least that’s the case where I am).  It’s been unusually warm and the temps have yet again dropped by 20 degrees overnight.  My sinuses are not amused by this constant flip flop of weather.  I even had to leave a holiday party early…

Hookah jewelry!  That's right, jewelry that looks like hookahs.  This is one of the more elaborate hookahs that feature a blown glass bead at the base.

New for 2014 and more!

Well, as promised in my last post, here is some of the new stuff coming for 2014. Keyword being some. There are a lot of other plans and projects in the works and as they’re created, I’ll post about them.  Anyway, let’s get into the newness, shall we? So those are some quick little glimpses…

Tag REALLY loves this tree.  Every time he sleeps up there, he ends up like this.  This also became my Christmas card this year.

Merry Ho Ho Ho!

I had been meaning to post earlier this month, but the holiday season for a crafter is a busy one! Between the craft shows, the etsy orders, and the creation of presents and some new items, I just haven’t had much time to write. Oh, and let us not forget the adventures that have been…