Saving Poe

The week my sweet boy Tag passed away, a little black cat started coming around.  She was a stray, afraid of people, but she’d eat food I’d set out for her.  It took a few months, but a couple of months ago, she finally let me pet her through the window.  Well, more accurately, I…


Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Bunny Day to all!  My weekend was not dull, but there’s not many pictures of my activities. Saturday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning and what not.  Perky was helpful. I also tended to my plants and moved some to my bedroom window sill. My night ended with going to my…


Perky and Food

Perky is so silly.  She used to rarely meow, but in recent years, she’s been using her voice a little more.  Well, now she’s uses a lot more often, especially when I break out the wet cat food.  For the longest time, she wouldn’t eat it.  Now she loves it and makes sure to let…


Ashes and Paw Print

Today, I am grateful for my friends and family.  I was able to spend time with some truly wonderful close friends today before I went to pick up Tag’s ashes.  It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m glad to have them.  He’s now on top of my china cabinet since he always liked to be…


Perky Nibbles

While I’m working on Sushi today, I figured I’d leave this here.  Perky was being a total goof (like usual) the other night, and decided to play a little, but thankfully without hurting me.  She looks like she’s biting me, but in reality, she’s just rubbing her teeth on me.  There was absolutely no pressure…


Fluffy Plays Fetch

My mom’s cat, Fluffy, has started doing something new. My mom gave her the rubber bracelet off her wrist and out of no where, started playing fetch with it.  I just had to get it on video.  How often do you see cats play fetch?

rip tag


Today, my heart broke. For the past few days, Tag had been dry heaving here and there.  I called the vet yesterday and they said it just sounded like a hair ball and to give him some hair ball release. This morning, I woke up to Tag as I always do, but this time, after…