Want to be a sponsor or a guest blogger?

I am now offering openings to sponsors and guest bloggers!

To become a guest blogger, simply send me an email and let me know what you would like to write about.  You’ll be able to write a guest blog and introduce yourself to my audience, then link from your blog to mine.  Plus, I’ll even feature you on my Facebook page and send out some tweets!  I am also available for guest blogging, so if you’d like me to do a guest blog, send me an email!

 I’m advertising on multiple blogs across the blogosphere, and I thought it was about time to offer spots as well.  I have ever growing traffic and if you jump in and be a sponsor, not only will your ad get views from my traffic, but I’ll be able to get my ad out on other sites to build even more traffic.  So, help me out to help you?  You can advertise your blog, website, charity, event, or even your online store or etsy shop!  If you’re a blogger, just send me an email and we could do a swap!  If you’d like to advertise anything else, we can discuss it.  I’m just an email away! 🙂



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