Elegant Metal Lace

This was a design I first made for my grandma for Christmas, and now I’m making it to sell as well.  I felt that this had a very elegant look to it, hence the name choice.  It is also available in an array of colors. 🙂 It’s perfect to wear or buy year round, but…


Oracle Pendant

I finally got around to making this and I LOVE how it turned out!! I will be making more and in many different color variations on the scales as well as custom orders!  As soon as I make more and post them in the shop, I’ll be sure to post an update!


Grape Jamboree 2016

The last full weekend of each September brings one of my favorite festivals:  Grape Jamboree.  And, as always, I set up in the craft show and submitted some photography into the art show.  Well, this year was a little crazy, but it all worked out fantastic in the end! First, let’s talk about the art…


Large Porcupine Earrings

I’ve been wanting to do these for a while and I finally got my chance!!  I made these out of large porcupine quills.  The quills are about 10″ to 11″ on average, so these are made of half quills. Be sure to get them while you can, because I don’t have many available!  The earrings,…

wish earrings

Make A Wish

I’ve always wanted to make dandelion seed jewelry, and the other night, I finally was able to!  I made glass globe dangle earrings and a pendant.  I plan to make more and in different styles, so be sure to be checking back.  I’ve also posted some of the earrings up in my etsy shop! 🙂…


Necklaces and Lanyards

I have continued to make more necklaces, though I’m about to shift more into some other items, but I’ve also made a few break-away lanyards as well!  Needless to say, I’ve been busy.  With shows coming up and my wanting to get some new fresh things in the shop, I’ve been hard at work.  So,…

What the... what?!

Making Chainmaille

It’s been a while since I posted about this and due to a number of people asking me questions about my art in the past month, I figured I would write up this little post to answer some of those questions. Do you make the jewelry you sell? Yes, I do.  There some beaded pieces…