A Fun Birthday

My birthday was on February 2nd.  I didn’t do much that day except work, relax, and just enjoy the day. On February 3rd, My parents took me out to eat at a place of my choosing.  Since I like getting my parents to try new things on top of eating at one of my favorite…


Chair Factor Falls

One of my goals for this year is to search for and discover as many waterfalls as I can.  So, I started out with Chair Factory Falls in Concord, Ohio.  It’s a nice little waterfall and well worth the walk and hike it takes to get to it.  It’s a really beautiful trail!  The spot…


Chainmaille Arrowhead Pendant

I’ve been working on yet more chainmaille pendants.  This one is one that can be worn by either women or men! May I introduce you to my latest available pendant: the chainmaille arrowhead pendant. You’re going to want one of these for your very own!  Get it on a black cord or a chain – your…


Touring Playhouse Square

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I toured Playhouse Square.  It was really cool!  We were able to see all of the theaters, hear about some of the history, and we able to see all of the behind the scenes things. 🙂  So, without further adieu, I present my photos from the tour.…


Metal Etched Pendants

For a couple of months, I teamed up with my friend over at From the Deep Jewelry and he taught me how to make metal etched jewelry!  I’m no where as good as him, but he was patient and taught me so that I could make some pendants for Christmas for a friend and my…


Life Pendant

It’s the circle of life!!  Pendant.  Life Pendant.  I made a new pendant and it is up in the shop!  It’s already pretty popular and I love how it looks. 🙂  Go check it out! I make them to order and I hope to add them to some local shops soon as well.  🙂