Home Improvement

We’ve been doing some home improvement projects around the house for the past few months, so I figured I’d share some of it.  Most of it has been replacing lighting.  It IS important to see.

First up, the upstairs bathroom.  The two spotlights used to be our lights.  They were…. not so great.  So, three pretty lights now take it’s place.

Second, a before and after of what we called (and funny enough, still call) spot.  It was a weak light that didn’t have much to offer in our downstairs living room.  Now, however, we have a nice light that really brightens up the place!

Third, we attacked the fan.  The fan was probably older than us and no longer worked.  It was in desperate need of replacement!  So, after some searching to find just the right size, we finally got around to replacing it.  Old and busted:

New and happy!

And finally, we got around to replacing our light in the kitchen.  Let me tell you, that was a bit of a difficult one with finding just the right light.  So, here’s the before:


And now for the pretty after!  Yes, we know, the ceiling needs repainted.

There’s been a few other things we’ve been working on, but since they’re not finished, no pictures for you!  For now. :p

Is anyone else having these kind of adventures?


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