Late last year, I finally managed to successfully teach myself to crochet.  I’m having a lot of fun with it!  I love crochet and it’s been fun adding it to my types of artistic things I do.

The first thing I made was a blanket.  It is queen sized, warm, soft, and squishy!

Then, for Christmas, I made my mom, who’s a baker, a really cute scarf using the cupcake stitch!

Then, I finally followed  a pattern.  Yes, the first two projects were without pattern. LOL!  So, I made coffee cup cozies!  These will be available in the shop very soon. 🙂


For my boyfriend’s birthday, I made him a crochet viking hat. 😀


Then I started making cat butt coasters.  These are my favorite so far!  They’re so fun and silly to make! Plus, you can buy them in my shop. 😉


I’m working on my crochet work as well as glass, chainmaille, etching, and metal working!  Expect more posts coming soon!



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