The Kittens: One Year Later

One year ago last month, my sweet little rescue kitty, Poe, gave birth to four little babies!


Since then, Poe finally gained weight and became healthier.  Also, the kittens grew up and went to their new homes.  What do the look like one year later?


Rascal is the largest of the four and lives with my parents.  He always comes and greats me when I visit and lets me cuddle him.  He’s very smart and lives up to his name.

Raven and Macy went to live with my best friend and are doing wonderfully!  Raven is the most chill of them all and Macy is the fluffiest.


Annabelle chose me and thus stayed with me.  She’s my sweet little baby. ❤


And sweet mama Poe has filled out and is no longer malnourished or scared of everything.  She’s still a bit skittish, but she’s so sweet, loving, and playful!  It’s so good seeing her so happy!

So, that’s the one year update on the kitty, Poe, who changed my life and the little kittens she brought into this world. 🙂  I know I post kitty pictures quite often, but for those who don’t always pay attention to it, I thought it only right I make a one year later post. 🙂


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