Thrifting Adventures

Some of my friends and I like to go thrifting on occasion.  In other words, we go to thrift stores and antique places and the like to discover fun little treasures.  I’ve made some good finds over the past month of thrifting and managed to see some cool stuff while I was out and about, so I figured I’d share a little from our adventures.  🙂

Things I’ve acquired include some retro mushroom salt and pepper shakers, a flask in a leather case with a it’s own metal shot glass, two fancy flute glasses, and a really nice protractor.

Then, there’s the odd things I’ve seen.  For example…


Railroad Communication Device Example


Various skulls and other specimens 


This extremely creepy baby doll


And this seriously awesome organ!!

I’ve really enjoyed my shop explorations with my friends.  I hope to do plenty more as well as hit up the local and even the not so local flea markets.  I’m not always out to buy things, but seeing the odd old stuff is always enjoyable. 🙂


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