President Garfield House Visit

Over the weekend, I walked down the street to the home of President Garfield and took a tour.  It’s something I definitely want to do again, and I hope to soon.  It’s really quite the thing to see.  Everything inside belonged to the Garfield family and learning more about the late President was very interesting.  For example, I had no idea he knew over five languages.  Also, the presidential library is incredible!! I would have loved to spend hours sitting in there and going through all the books.  Plus, there were book cases and books throughout the house.  I also couldn’t get over how familiar many of the antiques looked to me, since my grandmother owned similar pieces.

Also, I was fascinated with the architecture, the wood work, and the lights.  The lights were especially beautiful.  I wish I could have had clearer photos of them.  Yet another reason to go back.  I’d like to take my good camera.

If you’re ever in the Mentor, Ohio area, you should definitely check it out. 🙂

Yes, I took a lot of photos.  Are you really that surprised? :p


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