A Fun Birthday

My birthday was on February 2nd.  I didn’t do much that day except work, relax, and just enjoy the day.

On February 3rd, My parents took me out to eat at a place of my choosing.  Since I like getting my parents to try new things on top of eating at one of my favorite places, I chose Melt this year.  It was delicious!  My dad wants to go again. Hahaha! Either way, I love that I got to have dinner with my parents.  It’s something I always enjoy. 🙂

On February 4th, I celebrated my 35th Birthday with some of my closest friends and it was fabulous!! 🙂  We had a cupcake cake that my mom made and brought me, we played Jackbox TV on the steampunk wall computer, ate delicious noms and had some drinks.  Talked, laughed, watched RHNB (red hot nickel ball) videos, and had an overall great time!  It was laid back and low key… so it was perfect. 🙂  My birthdays and the days surrounding my birthdays have a track record of being crappy, so I’m so thrilled that this one went so well! 😀  I am truly blessed to have the friends I have and I will be eternally grateful that I have them.  I love them all so much! ❤

I’m not going to post too many pictures from the celebrations, but I will post just a few. 🙂

I’m hoping to make year 35 the best one yet! Stay positive, enjoy life, live it to the fullest, and keep my friends and family along with me for the ride. ❤


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