Women’s March Cleveland

On Saturday, I went to Downtown Cleveland with my best friend and marched with 15,000 other people to support women’s rights.  I know I don’t get very political on here (if at all), so please just hear me out.  I’m not saying that I went to protest president Trump.  I’m not saying what some others are saying when they say that he’s threatening our rights as women.  So this is why I went.  I went because even though our rights as women have not been taken away, they have been threatened.  It doesn’t matter what your religion or belief is, that’s how I feel.  There have been law makers in different cities, states, and even on capitol hill who have threatened what I believe is our rights as women.  I don’t see them making any regulations about penises, just over women and their reproductive organs.  So THAT is why I marched.  That was why I protested.  It was great to see so many people turn out for the march and to take part in it was absolutely spectacular. 🙂

So, with all being said and done, all I’m going to say is this.  I think it’s sad that it became more of an Anti-Trump thing and such because I feel that it took away from the overall message.  And to the women who decided to get naked and march or dress up as vaginas, well… come on now.  I thought we wanted to be taken seriously?  If you’re going to protest, try to keep it classy?

Also, the people who keep saying that he is not our president… well… you’ll looking rather ignorant.  I mean, you can say you don’t support our president, but saying that he’s not your president… well… if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your president.  Weather you like it or not.   Also, wanting him to do terrible as president is like saying you hope the ship you’re on sinks.  So, as always, I’m going to try to remain positive.  I feel that we, as a country, needed a change and hopefully he’s it!  Guess we’ll see.

I’m hoping this will be the last of my political posts for a good long while, to say the least.


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