Wine Rack Crash

I had a bit of a bad week last week.  Especially Wednesday.  Wednesday was not a happy day.  So, I managed to go to bed early because I was exhausted, only to be woken up at 11:30 pm to a loud crash.  I thought someone had come through my living room window and it terrified me!  Nope!  That wasn’t what it was at all.  It was actually my hanging wine rack.

So, needless to say, it was the icing on the crap cake of the day.  Plus, may I just mention that it took my friend Nick and I several hours to get the stupid thing up a few months ago?  I was not amused.  Still am not amused.

In the end, the frame that was screwed to the wall was still screwed to the wall.  The rest of it came down.  Casualties included a variety of glasses and two bottles of wine. It took quite a while to clean up because, of course, of all the glass.

Just so you can see how bad it was, to start off with, this is what the rack looked like.  However, I had changed out the glasses so there were different ones on there when it fell.


This is what the wreckage looked like.


And this is what remained on the wall.


To say that I’m not amused is an understatement, but on the bright side, none of the kitties were injured, I didn’t get injured, and there were only two bottle casualties.  Those things, right there, are major wins.

So, lesson learned.  No more hanging wine racks.  I’m done with them.  Nope! No way.


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