Autumn Fest at the Old Tavern

Last weekend, when out visiting my parents, I decided to stop by the Autumn Fest at the Old Tavern on my way home.  I remember always passing the Old Tavern growing up and I always wanted to go inside.  It was a part of the underground railroad and even has a hidden tunnel that leads from the basement to the cemetery across the street.  Unfortunately, it’s previous owner let it go into disrepair for several years.  Then, came the fateful day that demolition was talked about.  Many people banded together to save the tavern and have succeeded!  They are still collecting money for restoration, though earlier this year they were granted a grant in order to start the repairs.  The Autumn Fest was to help raise awareness and funds to Save the Tavern.  I’m a huge history nut and I’ve been all about saving the tavern from the beginning, so of course I went. 🙂

I am so glad that I did!  I found a few goodies to snag while I was there, enjoyed taking a few outdoor photos of it while on the grounds, and even made a new and talented friend!  He does some awesome metal work and I highly recommend you check him out!

I enjoyed walking around the outside of the tavern and took a few pictures…

As for the fun stuff I snagged…

I can’t wait to see the progress that’s made before the snow flies and I’ve also signed up to volunteer when it’s something I can do.  There’s even talk of digging out the old escape tunnel.  I so hope that happens!  If you’re interested in learning more about the Old Tavern, you find out more about the Save the Tavern project here and more about the history here.



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