As you may recall, a few months ago, I saved a sweet little outside kitty named Poe.  Well, unbeknownst to me, Poe was pregnant.  I didn’t figure out she was pregnant until two weeks before she gave birth.  Christy had stopped by and I had commented how Poe was bloated and gassy and how I was going to call the vet.  Christy suggested that Poe could be pregnant.  Low and behold, when Poe was laying next to me in bed later that night, I rested my hand on her tummy and felt a kitten kick.

The night she gave birth, she was laying next to me on the couch and I could actually feel the length of one of the kittens in her belly.  I looked at her and said, “you’re going to pop them out tonight, aren’t you?”  Well, I was totally right.  1:45 am I awoke to hearing screaming little mews coming from my closet.  At that point, she had two out and number three was on the way.  I scooted the one that was screaming closer to her since it was about 6 inches from her and she immediately started taking care of it.  After that, I went back to bed.  When I woke up at 7 am for work, I poked my head into the closet and quietly asked, “How many do you have there, Poe?”  She lifted her tail and showed me that she had given birth to four little babies.  I didn’t bother her or disturb them, just smiled and went out to my living room to work.  I made sure she had plenty of food and water ready for when she was hungry and called and told Christy.  I had guess a few days prior that there would be four kittens and I had been right. 🙂

There are three girls and one boy.  Yes, of course, they all have names.  The boy is the dark tiger stripe and his name is Rascal.  The black one is named Raven, the light grey tiger stripe is named Annabel, and the super fluffy one is named Momo.  :3

So, I bet you’re waiting to see the cuteness, aren’t you?  Well, here they are from birth to  current.

As of yesterday, they are 5 weeks old.

Some of you may be wondering how Perky is taking this big change.  Well, she’s rather embraced being Auntie Perky and has been teaching them all kinds of fun things.  Anywhere from the best hiding spots to climbing the cat trees. Hehe!  It’s been adorable and she’s been ever so patient!  I’ve been seriously amazed at how well she acclimated to the kittens.  Plus, Perky and Poe have become the best of friends and have even been seen grooming each other!  I was completely floored!  I’m so happy they have all been getting along so well!

I’ve live streamed some videos of them on my facebook and I am currently downloading them to upload them to YouTube, so expect a future blog post with cute kitten videos in them. 🙂

Having these four crazy little fuzzballs have really added some happiness in my life and also have kept me busy, so this is one of the reason I’ve not been able to find time to blog lately.  Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the onslaught of photos!  Until the next post, see ya!


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