Adventures With Friends

During my blogging hiatus the past couple of months, I’ve managed to have some fun times with friends and a few adventures.  However, for the past month, my left leg has been rather messed up.  I have no clue what I did to it, but it ended up being very swollen, painful, and weak.  I even went to the doctor who just told me that it was inflamed.  Still, I still managed to have some fun!

So, there were two sessions of mini golf.  I won both, but barely. :p

There were strange discoveries in the back field…

Stopping in at Annabel’s for a car show…

The random discovery of Painesville’s Art in the Park…

The occasional icing down my leg, but I made the best of it…

Random art adventures with friends…. I love visiting Aslynn.  You never know what either of us will get up to. :p


And, of course, random outdoor adventures that were fun even when I managed to fall and hurt myself. :p

There were many more adventures that I will either be posting about in the near future or won’t be because they were personal, but hey, at least this sums things up nicely. :p


You never know what I’ll post next.. unless, of course, you’re with me. 😉


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