Grape Jamboree 2016

The last full weekend of each September brings one of my favorite festivals:  Grape Jamboree.  And, as always, I set up in the craft show and submitted some photography into the art show.  Well, this year was a little crazy, but it all worked out fantastic in the end!

First, let’s talk about the art show.  This year, for the first time, I submitted some black and white photography.  Well, I guess it was a good thing because I won first place in my category plus an honorable mention!

This year’s submissions where…

The winner and honorable mention:

I was so floored and excited to win!!!  Thanks to my friend, Nick, who helped me narrow it down and decide on which ones to submit and which ones to turn black and white.

Now, at the craft show, it was craziness abound and I sold many things.  I really need to update my stock!  Plus, I had some new things available as well as some great help!  I forgot to get a picture of Brandy who helped me on Saturday, but Ericka and I kind of have a selfie tradition going, so that happened.  Anyway, here’s some pics from the craft show!

Some of my new items for the show were from the past couple of months worth of creations.  🙂  Some lavender sachets, new displays, tiny grape earrings, crosses made from horse shoe nails, nut heart, and washer necklace.

After the show, I was able to walk around both nights, first with Brandy, then with Ericka.  I pulled out my good camera and took some fun pictures.

After we got home Sunday night, I made Ericka a nice crochet charm bracelet she could always add to. 🙂


I love how it turned out!! I may have to make more of these. 🙂  It wraps twice around here wrist.

My weekend was so much fun!! I can’t wait again for next year!!


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