Very Purple Hair

Finally! I’m back!  It’s been a crazy and busy couple of months, but I have returned!  Expect regular updates again now that I’m back to it.  So, moving on, let’s start off with my crazy art projects:  my hair.  :p

Lately, I’ve been sporting some very bright purple hair.  Why, you may ask?  Well, when ever the color fades from my hair, it looks like I have blonde patches all over and I look TERRIBLE as a blonde.  So!  One day, back in August, I was supposed to meet up with a friend and his group at the movies.  My hair was looking particularly terrible, so I decided to dye it again.  However, as much as I wanted to do just purple, I had very little purple left and a ton of light pink left.  So, I thought, why not mix them?  And so I did.

When I got out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and my hair looked as it normally did when it’s wet after a dye job, so I thought nothing of it, got dressed, and walked over to the movie theater.  After Suicide Squad ended (which, personally, I thought was awesome), the lights came on and my friend’s group of friends said my hair looked cool. I thought nothing of it and thanked them.  When I got into my friends’ car to go to the pizza place, I shut the door, saw myself in the mirror, and let out a squeak of surprise.  I had NO idea it was so bright!  I loved it.  It took me a day or so to get used to it, but I loved it.  Now, mixing light pink into the dark purple is fun for me!

So there it is.  Bright purple.

Recently, it’s been getting too long and scraggly at the ends, so I decided to get it cut.  Here’s a before and after and yes, I know, I was being a goof.  What else is new?

Much better!!  The purple is starting to fade again, but I can always add to it again. :p

Oh, and for those of who are wondering, I use Sparks hair dye .:)

Wondering what else I’ve been up to?  Stay tuned to find out!  My blogs will be covering it all.  😀


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