Pulling Weeds

As every good gardener knows, you have to pull weeds to have a good garden.  Well, needless to say, due to some unexpected issues, the weeds managed to get away from us a bit.  So, I decided to tackle the issue head on.  My dad knocked down a path to my container garden, and I tackled the weeds in the main garden.  A few hours later, I managed to clear out most of the mayhem and pick some green beans in the process!  For the record, pulling weeds that are as tall (if not taller) than you are is no fun.

Also, check out the size of this tomato!!  I was really tempted to pick it to make up a fried green tomato, but my dad asked me to leave it for now.  Ah well. :p


I can’t wait to start picking more food from our garden!  The whole garden is looking very promising! 😀


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