Midwest Geobash

Last weekend, I went to the Midwest Geobash, my first ever Geocaching Mega Event. 🙂  It was a ton of fun, but extremely hot.  Christi, Aslynn, and I drove out on Friday and got there around 5pm.  It took us a bit because we decided not to take the toll roads and had to navigate otherwise.

After arriving, we set up our camp site right next to my friend Fringe.  It’s been many years since I last went camping, but it’s good to know I still enjoy it!  Let me just say, it was as hot as Satan’s balls out there.  The real feel was somewhere between 100-110.  I ended up needing to sit down in the shade and cool off for a bit after setting up.  Hell, we all did.

Even though it was a really hot weekend, we still managed to have a good time.  Aslynn showed off her major fire nation skills and was able to build a perfect cooking fire with minimal wood needed and we all had fun cooking out over the fire.  I met some geocachers from the Netherlands and they took one of my trackables back with them, Christi, Fringe, and I snagged some event geocoins and managed to gather a random assortment of pathtags.  I discovered 118 trackables – yes, I counted, no I can’t believe it.  Oh, and I also picked up some nano cache containers.  My geocaches are about to get a little more difficult to find. Muhahahahahahaha!!!

At night, we visited Area 51 (aka the drunk coral) and played some Pokemon Go.  Oh, and showered in the less traveled shower room that Aslynn discovered.  It made sleeping and baring the heat of the day much easier to handle after cooling down and rinsing off.  Also, I’m proud to announce that I managed to not get sunburned!  Yay!! Applying sunscreen every two hours definitely was a help.  😀

Oh, and let’s not forget the surprises we had setting up.  Like Christi finding a vacant mud wasp nest in a chair or my tent not coming with… well… directions.  Those are kind of important.  Thankfully, Fringe knew what the heck was going on and helped me out.  Plus, Aslynn figured out my rain fly just in time because it rained while we slept Saturday night.

On Saturday, we traveled 15 minutes up to Michigan to grab a few geocaches so we could earn out Michigan souvenir so that we would have a total of two geocache souvenirs for the weekend.  It was so nice to be in a shaded cemetery grabbing some caches.

I really hope to do it again next year, but I also hope it won’t be as hot.  It’s really hard to be active and social when it’s that hot out.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d planned, but I did get some!  So check out some of our adventure from the pics below.  🙂

I hope to go camping again this year.. at least one more time.  AT LEAST!!!  So, keep your fingers crossed for me!  This time, not a camping event but at some kind of park that I can explore. 🙂


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