First Basil Harvest of 2016

Finally! It finally happened!  My first basil harvest of the season!  I’m so excited!!! If you couldn’t tell… lol!  This year, the garden is is HUGE!  My dad and I combined our planting powers and created a big garden.  Well, big for me.  Growing up, we used to have a humongous field sized garden, but now we have this smaller one behind the garage.  Plus, we even put up a fence so we’re not feeding the deer instead of us. Hehe!

We have different varieties of tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, melons, beans, kale, brussels spouts, parsley, and of course, basil.  Seven different varieties of basil!  Take a look at the progress of our garden so far!

As you can see, I managed to get 6 pints out of just my first harvest! I can’t wait for more!!  Of course, I had to taste test it, so I made my favorite:  Chicken and pesto. 🙂  It was amazingly delicious!!


I can’t wait to post more photos and details on what comes out of the garden this year! 😀




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