Living Like a Vampire For a Week

For someone like me who loves being active and outdoors, having to live like a vampire for a week really REALLY sucked.  Thanks to the epic sunburn and blistering I acquired during the Tall Ships Festival, I couldn’t go outside or even bare sunlight from Monday until Saturday.  It. Was. Terrible.  Even the sunlight made me feel like I was on fire.

Now that I’m healing up, I have to re-adjust my eyes to sunlight.  It’s given me a headache for 3 days, but it’s finally stopping, thankfully.

So, how bad of a sunburn was it?  Well, it was 2nd degree.  Please let the pictures below be a warning to you to be sure to wear sunscreen!!!

The pictures above are of just one shoulder.  The other shoulder wasn’t as bad, but it, too, had blisters and my back also was pretty bad.  The below picture is when I finally started to heal and the blisters were healing.


So take heed:  wear sunscreen if you don’t want be out of commission like I was.  For me, sunscreen is my new best friend from now on.


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