Tall Ships and Saturday Adventures

Last weekend was crazy and fun!! I can’t believe how much we did!  My friend, Ericka, came up for a visit and we had a very full weekend of fun. 🙂  Saturday morning, right after she arrived, we went to the Fairport Harbor Tall Ships Festival.  After finding a place to park, we walked a mile to where the line was, then went to the end of the half a mile line to get in.  The whole thing wasn’t very organized.  There was little to no signage and when we got closer, we found out there were actually four lines, again, not very clearly signed.  It took about half an hour to get through the whole thing and then finally we were unleashed into the festival!

We stopped by booths, viewed the ships, grabbed some water off some viking friends, then got in line to take a tour of the Draken Harald Hårfagre viking ship.  That, I believe, was the highlight of the whole festival!  I couldn’t get over how awesome the whole thing was, and it even has oars.  We also toured the Niagara and walked around some more.  The lines were hard to differentiate from each other, but the longest line was about 3 hours long to get on the pirate ship, so after a few hours of walking around and touring, we decided to leave.

Here are some pictures from the Tall Ships festival!  More blog below the pics, btw.  I know there’s a lot of them.

After the Tall Ships Festival, we were very hot and sunburned.  Why?  Because half way to the festival, I realized I forgot the sunscreen and Ericka said it was fine.  Well, she only burned.  I, however, ended up with second degree sunburn complete with giant blisters on my shoulders.  I haven’t been outside since Sunday. 😦  Anyway, we were really hot and burned, so we decided to jump in the pool after we got home and relax.  We did that for about an hour before heading in, showering, and saying hi to some friends from out of town who stopped by.

Then we went to the park across the street with them for a short time, then we went to see some old cars.  Unfortunately, we got there a bit late and there was only a few left.  You’d think we’d be done by then, but nope! We decided to head to the dark park:  Observatory Park.  The sky was clearing up and since it was a Saturday that the observatory would be open, we decided to head out there and see what we could see.  With luck, we were able to see Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn through the telescope and had a great view of the Milky Way! 🙂  We spent nearly a couple of hours out there, came home, ate, watched anime, and went to sleep.  That was just Saturday!

On Sunday, that’s when the blisters and burn started to really affect me.  Still, we went out shopping to my local Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I love shopping at those places because I can easily find things that are without the things that effect me there.  I even found some caffeine free Dr. Pepper that was without any corn syrup. 😀  I am so overwhelmed with a joy few could understand.  After a trip to Barnes and Noble, we came home and she had to leave to go home.  I always love having Ericka visit.  We always have so much fun!! Just next time… we need to remember sunscreen.  At all costs.  Because the after effects suck.

On that note:  remember kids, wear sunscreen so that your fun times aren’t dragged down by pain!  Go out, have fun, and enjoy life!  🙂


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