Buddhist Temple

Last week, I was able to go with my friend Aslynn and try something new.  I went to a Buddhist Temple.  Mostly, I wanted to go because I’ve always been interested in seeing what it would be like and the mentality of Buddhism is very close to my own.  It was a very cool experience and is something I would like to experience again.

The first 45 minutes to an hour was dharma talk.  It covered remembering to live in the now.  Then, we started mediation and did 3 different types.  We did a sitting meditation, then moved on to a walking mediation.  After that, we did another sitting meditation, then followed it up with a chanting mediation.  Finally, we sat through one last part of the dharma talk and it was completed.  It took 2 hours, but the time really flew.  I left feeling so relaxed and peaceful!

I hope to go again sometime soon as well as to some of the events.  It’s based strongly on Japanese culture and just has so much going on with it.  Though I heard about this through my friend, if you’re interested in checking out a Buddhist temple, do a google search and see if there’s one by you.  I was surprised to find out that there was not just one, but two near me.  I might eventually check out the other one as well. 🙂

Due to respecting the temple, I only took these two pictures outside.





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