24 Geocaches in 24 Hours and Other Geocaching Adventures

Geocaching has been a huge thing with me this summer… even bigger than when I went once a week two years ago.  It feels good to get out an explore again!  Also, it helps getting other friends addicted.  My friend Christi has been one of my biggest geocaching accomplices this year.  We have been having so many fun adventures and seeing new things.  New caches, new adventures, new goals achieved!  For example:  finding 24 geocaches in 24 hours.  Not only did we find 24 in 24, we found 24 geocaches in 12 hours!  We found the last one at 12:12 am. 🙂

Throughout our day, we saw all of Lakeview Cemetery and found out all of the caches were found by someone else that day.  It was like we were chasing him.  It made it even more fun, I think.  Then we went to Whisky Island, then off to Edgewater Park were we took some amazing pictures of the sunset and the Cleveland skyline.  Plus, we were able to encounter and take pictures with the new Cleveland sign in Edgewater. 🙂

Through parks, cemeteries, bridges, night caching and everything in between, we’ve been having a great time!  I can’t wait for more adventures to come this summer!

Want to see pictures of things we’ve seen and done through our adventures lately?  Check ’em out below!

Interested in seeing where geocaching takes you?  Sign up!  It’s free!  Granted, we did pay for the premium member ship this summer, and I will say that it’s worth it, but it’s not a necessity. 🙂  So what are you waiting for! Go out and give it a try! You won’t believe the places you’ll see, the things you’ll find, and the people you’ll meet. 🙂  It will definitely give you a fun excuse to go out and explore! 😀


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