Saving Poe

The week my sweet boy Tag passed away, a little black cat started coming around.  She was a stray, afraid of people, but she’d eat food I’d set out for her.  It took a few months, but a couple of months ago, she finally let me pet her through the window.  Well, more accurately, I caught her off guard and pet down her back.  She jumped back in fear as usual, but then I could see it registering on her face… she had liked it.  She slowly moved back forward and let me pet her again.  It was the first time she’s probably ever had affection.  It was so heart warming to see her so happy.

A couple of weeks later, after many tries, I was finally able to approach her and pet her outside.  It took a few weeks, but she soon got used to it and loved the affection when outside with me as well.  Then, I thought it was time.

She was always trying to be with Perky through the window and Perky seemed to enjoy playing with her a bit, so one day, I decided it was time to bring her in.  I was outside petting her as usual, but this time, I had a cage with me . I picked her up (which she wasn’t thrilled about), put her in the cage (which she was even less thrilled about), and brought her inside.  I released her inside the bathroom and slowly coaxed her into trusting me again over the next several hours.  I kept her isolated from Perky for a few days until I could get her to the vet and low and behold, she had no diseases or sicknesses.  I was able to let her mingle with Perky and now she just needs the rest of her shots!

Poe is now a loving little member of my family and loves to be around Perky.  Perky is still a little hissy, but she’s warming up to her.  My mom bought her a collar and she even was perfectly fine with me putting it on her!  It’s amazing!

I’m so glad that I was able to bring this sweet little kitty in.  She’s such a lover kitty.  She loves affection so much and sometimes, even when I’m stretching my legs, she’ll rub under my foot.  Also, she and Perky both greet me at the door now.  It’s the sweetest thing!  She just wants to cuddle with either me or Perky.  … I’ve actually had to stop twice just to pet her while writing this. Hehe…

Anyway, in my experience, sometimes saving a kitty from a stray life is one of the best things in the world. :3


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