Exploring Concrete City, PA

This past weekend, I went with my friends to Eastern Pennsylvania where one of them is from.  While there, we decided to do a little urban exploring and our friend who’s from the area took us to Concrete City.  It’s an old abandoned mining town that was built entirely out of concrete and rebar around 1911.  It still stands today and visitors can go up and check it out.  It’s covered in graffiti now and the grass is overgrown, but it was totally worth the trip.

Walking down the road, you can still find coal leading your way.  Also, if it’s rained anytime soon, it’s very difficult to reach.  It had rained only 3 days prior to our visit, but it had been so hot the days following the rain that we lucked out and it was dry enough to reach it.

Reading about it and experiencing it was so surreal.  Seeing all of the graffiti was pretty cool, though, from what I understand, the court yard became vastly overgrown.  Which… lead to a terrifying problem.  We had been there for maybe just  over an hour when I heard a loud bang that sounded like a gun shot.  One of my friends said that it was just a paintball gun because that’s what usually is going on around there.  That or ATV’s like we’d heard as we were walking in there.  Well, as we were walking outside to another building, I heard more shots that sounded like a semi auto and noticed that bullets were rushing through the tall grass and trees just behind me as I walked.  Needless to say, he yelled “Civilian!” so they’d stop shooting.  We quickly made it to one of the exiting roads and saw a bunch of guys with guns on the other side of the tall grass covered park area staring at in disbelief as we left.  NOTE: DO NOT SHOOT GUNS INTO OPEN AREAS.  ALWAYS SHOOT AT SOMETHING SO THAT THE BULLETS ARE STOPPED.

Aside from almost being shot by idiots, it was a great time!  I took plenty of pictures (of course) and even shot some video.  So check them out below for your entertainment. 🙂

There’s a video I did in a few places below. 🙂

This was my second year of going to Eastern PA with my friends and I’ve enjoyed it each time.  I hope for more adventures in the future!! Just… without the bullets… :p


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