Oil Spill Hair – Taking the Plunge

A couple of days ago, I took the plunge.  I did something I’ve never done before.  My friend, Ericka, came over and helped me achieve my goal.  A couple of months ago, we gave the oil spill effect a try on the underneath of my hair.  This time, I decided all or nothing and we went all out.  We bleached my hair… pretty much all of it, and did the full effect.  It came out awesome!!!

I LOVE how it turned out!!  For this process, I had blue, red, and yellow Sparks hair dye, and I mixed some of the colors to make my own shades.  Also, I mixed them a couple of times throughout the dying the process, so there’s different shades.  My hair has red, blue, and then multiple shades of purple and green… even some teal!  Here’s pictures from the process.


So, how did it turn out?  Well…. Voila!

When I’m in the sun, you can see many more of the colors.  Either way, I’m totally keeping this look for a while. Hahaha!!



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