A Cleveland Outting

About a month ago, I took my mom and godmother on a small tour around the Cleveland area.  They told me what they wanted to see that I knew about, and I was more than happy to oblige.

We went to Squire’s Castle…

We checked out some antique shops… I got a new dresser and a few other little things…

We spent a large amount of time in Lakeview Cemetery as I explained a lot of the history and in one instance, walked in on a tour group and heard some more history.  Have I mentioned that I like history?

Then, we explored President Garfield’s Tomb.  From the balcony at the top, you could see downtown Cleveland.

After that, we went to West Side Market and I finally found my way to the upstairs balcony where I could get a good picture of the place. 🙂


All in all, a great day!!  We made a few more stops, but there were no photos involved. I highly encourage you to check out the awesome historical aspects of Cleveland if you ever get a chance.  There’s plenty more than what I’ve shown here! 🙂


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