Re-Potting and a Tree

For some reason, working with my plants relaxes me.  I also get excited when I discover one of my plants has a baby.  For example:  my aloe plant.  It usually sits in my craft room window, and on my way to work yesterday, I happened to look as I was passing and noticed it had a baby!  Plus, it was leaning hard against the window and the bottom leaves were shriveled up.  I knew right then what I would be doing that night:  re-potting.  It wasn’t the only one that needed redone, so I figured if I’m doing one, I should do all the ones that need it.  So, project time began.

For the baby aloe, I planted it in a big pot.  Done.


Then, after some research, I read that I could take off the crappy leaves, cut off the bad part, and replant.  I read not to water it for about a week and then water once a week until re-established.  The pictures below show the process along with some of the other plants that I re-potted.  Here’s hoping it works!

Then, it was time to attack the coffee plant.  I read that if you divvy up the coffee plant into the individual trees, you can grow actual coffee baring coffee trees.  Soo…. I’m giving it a go.  No, I’m not keeping all of them.  Just a couple. :p


Also, I now have a tree.  Well, I have a few trees, but this one is a large one!!  Have you ever bought something, reached your vehicle, only to think, “huh… how is this going to fit?”  I have one of those moments. :p  It fit, though!  Just… took some… well… tweaking.  Behold!  My palm tree!!


Yep. I have a palm tree.  I’ve been wanting one and I found it for the right price.  I might move it to my bedroom.  I don’t know yet.  If I do, I’ll need another tree for that table. LOLOLOL!!

Is it time to start singing the Lion Sleeps Tonight?  Because we’re in the jungle, baby! 😀


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