Oil Spill Hair

As some may have seen on Twitter, Sunday night, Ericka and I tried putting the oil spill hair color into my hair.  It worked!!  This was the thing I promised to write about yesterday.

On Sunday, Ericka and I went to the mall, but were were only there for a very short time.  Why?  Because we had wandered into Hot Topic and found the hair color I had been looking for!  So, I bought red and blue Sparks hair dye, then we ran to Sally Beauty Supply for bleach and yellow hair dye.  I regret buying the Ion yellow hair dye.  I will not use Ion again.  The Sparks, on the other hand, worked amazingly!!! I’ll be buying  another tube of yellow, but from Sparks.

Since I just cut my hair last week, I was ready for this to happen.  I had planned to do this after I cut my hair.  Ericka was a little apprehensive, but after watching some tutorials and such, we decided to go for it.  However, since this was a first try for this look, I only did the bottom couple of layers of my hair.

We bleached it to make it a shade lighter, then added in the color little by little, varying it.  We discovered that using a tooth brush worked amazingly well!!  Also, you may be thinking, why blue, red, and yellow?  Because primary colors!  That’s right! I mixed the blue and red to make purple and the blue and yellow to make green. 😀  It worked exceptionally well!!


This is the back of my hair now.  However, please keep in mind that the lighting does not do it justice.  You can actually see many more colors in the sun.


Next time I’m going to go another shade lighter with my hair and go throughout my hair. I look forward to doing this again!!! 😀


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