Ashes and Paw Print

Today, I am grateful for my friends and family.  I was able to spend time with some truly wonderful close friends today before I went to pick up Tag’s ashes.  It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m glad to have them.  He’s now on top of my china cabinet since he always liked to be high up.

I have to say, the emergency vet clinic I went to was amazing.  They were compassionate and understood just how hard it is to loose a pet.  When I went in tonight, they handed me his ashes in a cute little paw covered tin, a clay paw print of his paw, and a sympathy card.  They were so incredible through the entire ordeal from start to finish and I would recommend them any time.  The clinic was the Animal Emergency Clinic NE on Tyler Blvd in Mentor, OH.  They’re thorough, accurate, compassionate, and understanding.

Also, just a note about the paw print, it was wet clay in a pretty little circle tin.  I was told to let it sit out in the open air of my home for a week for it to dry (although, given that my apartment is about 90 degrees by no fault of my own, I think it will dry/bake quickly). Once done, I can put the clear cover on it and place it on the stand they also gave me for it.

I still miss him every day and Perky does, too.  At least everything is done now and there is closure.  Many thanks to the emergency vet clinic for being so caring through all of it and especially thanks to my friends who keep me smiling. 🙂


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