Sushi Sunday

Yesterday, I decided to host Sushi Sunday.  I made some homemade sushi (which my friends helped roll) and there were chips, rice balls, potatoes, and brownies as well.  There were two kinds of sushi:  the regular kind (which for meat we used crab, lobster, and tuna) and the fruit kind which we used for a desert.  In the desert sushi, we used strawberries, bananas, and blackberries – which, let me just say, were freakin’ HUGE!  For toppings, we had some toasted coconut (that I toasted myself) for the desert sushi and a choice of either poppy seeds or sesame seeds for the regular sushi.  Everything turned out delicious!! I think we should do it again some day!

This whole weekend was a fantastic one thanks to my friends.  I managed to get a lot of cleaning done and still go out and have a good time, then come home and have friends over for even more good times.  I look forward to more fun times, especially now that it’s going to start being warmer. 🙂

For those wonder about the fruit sushi recipe I used, please see below.  🙂

I raise my fruit sushi rice ball to you!  Cheers!


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