All Your Bass Are Belong To Us

Okay, sorry. I couldn’t resist the title. Hahaha!

Back in January, some friends and I came home to find drums from a drum set sitting next to the dumpster. How often does one get a chance like this?! Of course I couldn’t pass them up! So, I asked them to help me grab them and bring them into my apartment. They saw drums. I saw much more than that.


How could I pass these up?!

With that being said, let me introduce to you my latest project: The Drum Wine Rack.

Yep! That’s right! I turned the bass drum into a wine rack! 🙂  So, here’s what I did from beginning to end, via pictures. Haha!


This is now the back of the drum.


I took off the drum head and then put the outer rim back in place.


There were some benefits to doing this. Haha! 


I bought two 10′ lengths of 4″ pipe.


My dad helped me out and we used the ban saw to cut them up.


Then I deburred the edges.


After that, I brought them home and painted them.

Finally, here’s the finished product!  It can hold up to 18 bottles of wine. 🙂


I still have a few more things planned for this, but they’re not going to happen right away. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out so far, though!

Just remember:  Not everything has to be what it was originally designed to be. 🙂


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