New Plants and Terrarium

As I’ve been going through stuff and working on creating my craft room into the new space I want it to be, I’ve been finding a lot of things and getting rid of a bunch of things.  However, I still can’t give up up-cycling something when I get the chance… especially since I love building terrariums.

Well, one night, I came across this.  It’s a glass teapot my grandmother had given me, but I don’t use anymore.  What can I say?  I couldn’t help it.

I wanted to put this little guy in there, but he was too big.  Soooo I just put it in a small pot and it looks cute. 🙂

tiny plant

Oh, and my best friend gave me a new plant for a belated Christmas gift!  I looove it!!!  It took me a while to find out just what it is, but it’s a type of bromeliad.  It also appears to be planted in a coconut shell. 🙂 Please pardon the mess in the background.

new plant

So, now it’s hanging up in the shower jungle aka, my shower window. 🙂

bathroom window

For those of you wondering, no.  I don’t have enough plants yet. Hehehe….



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