Making Pretzels

Last night, I decided to make a snack for myself for the week or at least most of it. I like to share. So, I decided to make some soft pretzels.  The recipe I used says it will make 6 pretzels.  Now, if I would have actually made them pretzel shape, they would have, but I decided to go with more of a stick shape.  I’m not disappointed!


The recipe yielded delicious results!  I only wish I had some hot dogs to make some pretzel dogs with.  The recipe I used was this one.   So, if you are a fan of soft pretzels, go give it a try!  It was super easy and only took about an hour and a half.

*Side note:  For some reason, I am out of course sea salt.  So, instead, I sprinkled my pink Himalayan salt on top.  Fan-freakin-tastic taste!!!


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