Building a Steampunk Wall Computer

This past weekend, my friend Tails and I combined two of our computers to create a wall computer.  Of course, it couldn’t just be any normal computer.  It had to be a wall computer and we just had to steampunk it.  We are sooo happy with the results!!

For those computer nerds reading this who are curious, this is a AMD E-350 at 1.6 ghz duel core.  It has 4 gigs ram, DDR3, a 350 gig hard drive, and an ATI 6310 graphics card.  The power supply is a 250 wat.

The tiny light that is not LED actually came from an old car from the 50’s that we found wrecked and half gone in my dad’s woods.  This many years later and it still works!!

Here’s some pics from start to finish!

We were sure to add some gears and other steampunk items to really make it cool.  We also painted the power supply copper for added effect! 🙂  It works great and streams everything strait to my tv!!

Check out the computer startup in action!

Also, while we were waiting for paint to dry, I had a little fun. 🙂


I can’t wait for more projects with Tails!  Thanks for reading!!


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