How To Make Butter

The night before Thanksgiving, I decided to teach my friend Kasey how to make homemade butter using a kitchen-aid stand mixer. It’s actually quite simple. Just take whole whipping cream, pour it into the mixing bowl, attach your whipping attachment, and begin. Start off on speed 2, then slowly work your way up to about 7 or 8. Then, just wait for the magic to happen.
When it starts to get really whipped, it will technically be whipped cream. At this point, you have the option to stop, add some powdered sugar, and then refrigerate your whipping cream. However, if you want butter like we did, you keep going.
Once it has become butter, you’ll want to drain out the whey. You can’t keep whey with the butter or it will make the butter turn sour quickly. So, pour it out (either down the sink or into a separate container), then continue beating it. Add in some ice water and rinse the butter. When the water runs clear, you know that the majority (if not all) of the whey is out.
Now, at this stage, you can do one of many things. Options consist of just putting it in a container and putting it the fridge and calling it done, you could add a pinch of salt for the salted butter affect and mix well, or you can add other things like honey or apple to make it in to a flavored butter. It’s entirely up to you!  As for us, we added a pinch of Himalayan salt to one, and to a second batch, we added 5 Tablespoons of honey.  Both turned out amazing! So, for those of you interested in how this goes, check out the video below!



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