Getting Settled… Almost Done

Well, here I am, once again posting after a long hiatus.  I don’t mind to be blogging so sporadically, but sometimes, life just gets in the way and it can’t be helped.  Anyway.  Moving on!

I’m finally (mostly) unpacked.  Between craft shows and well… life… it took me a while to unpack after this particular move.  Still, my goal was to be done before Thanksgiving and for the most part, I succeeded.  Let me be more specific.  The only things left is a bit of the craft room and a bit of the bedroom.  Mostly everything else done.  This, of course, makes me very happy!  I hope to be done with everything by Christmas as long as life doesn’t continue to throw wrenches at me.  Dodging those things is a real pain.

So, how much did I really have to deal with?  Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me a share a few of them.

Here’s the craft room before and current.

The living room and hallway before pictures.

And here’s the living room and hallway now.


As you can see, VAST IMPROVEMENT!! 🙂

As for the photos on the way… well… that was a failed experiment that’s going to get changed a little.  I promise you that.  I’ll post more photos of the place soon enough, so you’ll get the full idea of it.  Especially as I finish unpacking.

One thing I will say for this place is that it does have a nice open floor plan.  That much I heart about it. 🙂  I’m looking forward to friends gathering at my place again and actually having room for them!

So, why was my quest to finish by Thanksgiving?  Well, because I hosted Thanksgiving.  I’m hosting most of, if not all of, the holidays now.  Plus, I brought my Grandma up to stay with me for the week of the holiday so she could spend it with her family. 🙂

I’m proud to say that I made the while Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂  20 pound turkey and all!  Well, my friend helped roll the dough out for the rolls, but otherwise… lol!  We even made homemade butter!! I’ll be sure to post a tutorial on that sometime soon.


Once Thanksgiving was over, instead of going shopping on Black Friday, I decided to put away what I needed to put away from dinner the night before and set up for Christmas.  Yep! That’s right! My Christmas tree and decorations are already up and ready for Christmas! 🙂

Oh, and I’m a proud geek to say that I have not one, but two Yoda ornaments. :p

I think that’s enough of a summary of what’s been keeping me busy for one post.  Check out my upcoming posts for videos, photos, and more projects and adventures! 🙂  Thanks for reading and I PROMISE to post more often!!


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