Sick Kitty = Trying Days

For the past couple of weeks, my poor Taggers has been one sick little kitty. As it turns out, he now has an irritable bladder disease type thing. Crazy enough though, it took two vet trips to finally figure it out.

Nothing is scarier than thinking your pet is dying (though he could have) when you see that he a) can’t use the bathroom and b) when he finally can, he urinates blood. I was one scared mama.

Now he’s on special food, meds (but only for a while), and a calming collar (I’m thinking of getting one for Perky).  They said that it had to do wiht the fact that he’s stressed and as he gets older, he gets stressed.  Go figure.  Still, he had me super worried for a while, so I’m really REALLY glad he’s going to be ok.  REALLY glad.

Now that he’s on the mend, maybe I can actually get some stuff done.  For those of you waiting on an email from me, expect one soon.  Also, I’m going to be starting up some projects really soon as well, so keep an eye out for those.  🙂  Plus I’m editing a few videos (or at least I plan to) so I’ll hopefully be posting some new videos soon.  I have plenty of items that will start appearing in the shop, so I just need to snag some photos of them.  Lots of new stuff!

On that note, I’m going to take the rest of the night off for some much needed rest.  With everything that’s been going on (and believe me, there’s a lot), I’m exhausted and need some sleep already.

Expect more posts soon! 🙂

This almost never happens, but I'm going to follow their example.

This almost never happens, but I’m going to follow their example.



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