Welcome to 2015!

Ah, it’s finally 2015.  Time for a new year, new goals, and new adventures!  Of course, I’m going to continue my goal of getting healthier as well.  So, what are my goals?  Mostly living life to the fullest, having new adventures, learning new things, working on my businesses, and getting healthier.  I think I did a great job last year of loosing about 40 pounds!  Now I need to continue and get in better shape. 🙂 I had such a great year last year and had the chance to experience so many new things and meet some seriously awesome people.  Here’s to more and new adventures! 🙂

You all may be wondering why it took so long for me to blog again.  Well, truth be told, the holiday season kept me really busy even though I didn’t really set up at any craft shows.  I took the year off from craft shows and I still ended up with almost no time to breath. I can’t believe it!  With online sales, shop sales, adventures and fun with friends, work, and then taking over the making of all the holiday meals, I kept super busy.  Oh, not to mention there was that crappy couple of weeks where I couldn’t really function.  I couldn’t walk for a whole 5 days due to a bank injury caused by a car accident.

Yep, that’s right! The car accident I spoke of in my last post caused me to throw my back out so bad that I couldn’t walk.  Isn’t that just a joy?  Can you sense my sarcasm?  However, now I have a newer car (an HHR) and I am super happy with it.  🙂



Hm… what else?  Oh, my amaryllis bloomed!  Of course, while I was in Chicago, but it was still blooming beautifully when I returned home.  Look how huge the blooms are!!

Look how huge!!

Look how huge!!

Oh, and I dyed part of my hair purple, which crosses another thing off of my List!

If you look, the tips are dyed purple.  I like the darker purple way more than the other colors I've used.

If you look, the tips are dyed purple. I like the darker purple way more than the other colors I’ve used.

I’m hoping to post many of my adventures on here this year and keep up with the blog more.  I mean, I had an awesome trip to Chicago and so many other fun times that I wish I would have wrote about now.  Not to mention the craziness of making all the holiday meals.  I took over from my mom who’s always incredibly busy at work during the holidays so that I could make the food in a way it wouldn’t affect me.  Yay food allergies.  At least I’ve learned ways to work around the craziness of being allergic to corn, peanuts, and dairy and the food turned out awesome, so win win!

Speaking of food, I’m going to try posting more recipes online soon, most of which will be corn and dairy free. 🙂  I now have a friend who wants to learn to bake, so as I teach him to bake and we have baking and cooking adventures, I’m going to try to post what we’re making and how we’re doing it.  🙂

Speaking of food and holidays, mine were also crazy because I had all of the holiday festivities at my home for the first time.  It’s so different, but it’s also very enjoyable! 🙂 During New Years Day, we decided to open a bottle of wine from 1977 and give it a try.  Of course, I had to do a reaction video.

So far I’ve started off my year with awesome friends, awesome wine, and a really fun trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art!  We went to see the Dangerous Games exhibit that features photography, but then we made a trip up to the armory room and (surprise, surprise) I fell in love with what was in it.  I LOVE metal work and seeing how the old chainmaille was made.  I couldn’t get enough of studying it! I hope to see it again along with the rest of the museum. We were only able to see a few exhibits, but I don’t mind.  It just means another trip or few. 😉


Ah!! All the metal!!

Ah!! All the metal!!

I think that about catches things up.  I think? Maybe.  Either way, expect more posts soon.  🙂  Thanks for sticking with me through my erratic posting! 🙂


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