Adventures With Evil Snow

When I woke up from work today and saw the light dusting of white outside, my first thought was, Aw hell.  I did not, however, think it was going to be as bad as it turned out to be.  Driving to work on bald tires was bad enough with the little snow we already had.  I was getting nervous around 3 when I looked outside and of course, we experienced not just thunder snow, but lightening thunder snow!  Now that was a new one for me.

By the time I left work at 4:30, it was horribly bad. After spending 5 minutes digging out my car (I worked fast), I managed to ease out of the icy parking lot and into the even icier driveway that lead to the road.  Once I finally reached the road, I got a glimpse of this fresh hell.


After easing on to the equally icy road, it took me 30 minutes to go the short few miles to a main road all the while being on a road that was a solid sheet of ice.  I dubbed it the ninth circle of hell.  Oh, and of course someone had to do my pet peeve of riding so close to my bumper that I couldn’t even see their headlights.  I’m sorry, but can you not be intelligent when it comes to icy roads?! Come on people!

After I finally hit the main road, I managed to get home in about 15 minutes, all the while trying to slide off the road.  About five minutes from home, I experienced hail snow.  What is hail snow? Large chunks of hard snow.  These were the size of peas!  Just what I needed, right?

Once home, my boyfriend picked me up and took me to the rental car place.  Why did I have to go get a rental car?  Not because of my tires – oh no.  Instead, it was because of a car accident I was in on Saturday.  Yep! That’s right! A car accident.  A girl didn’t see me and went through the stop sign.  Luckily, I slammed on my breaks and swirved to miss her and she didn’t go through my driver side door.  She did, however, damage the car.  So, I get to drive a rental while they figure out if they’re going to fix it or total it.  I’m so sad.  I really liked my car!  And I’ve only had it a few months!


My poor car…

So anyway, we went and picked up my rental car and then I followed him to his house.  It took us quite a while to get there, but we managed it!  The roads were really clear by us, so we didn’t think much about it.  It was just that the traffic was backed up.

After dinner, I decided it was time to go home.  Then my next adventure began.  While we had been eating, it had snowed some more (surprise surprise). I managed to get out of the driveway, but got stuck in the middle of the road!  My car wouldn’t move!! Can I just say that I HATE TRACTION CONTROL?!?! So, I called my boyfriend who came down the driveway, turned off my traction control (and showed me how to do it), hopped in my car, and drove it up the hill for me.  Neither of us thought he would make it, so I stayed behind while I watched.  Low and behold, he made it up to the top of the hills, so I trudged up after him on foot.  Next time, I should probably try to remember to get IN the car.  Either way, it was a good laugh and a good workout.  After I finally made it home, I just wanted to head up to my apartment and relax.  Which is what I’m doing.  I am NOT looking forward to my drive to work tomorrow, but I’m going to make sure I get up early in order to tackle it. So, if you’re experiencing Lake Effect in Northeast Ohio, you have my condolences.  Especially those where were trapped in the craziness trying to get home!  I hope my little tale has brought you some kind of entertainment.  Oh, and a lesson/request:  PLEASE DON’T FOLLOW SOMEONE CLOSE IN BAD ROAD CONDITIONS!!! If you do it to me, expect me to display to you my middle finger in a very violent way. kthanks.


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