Artsy Bathroom

One thing that always makes me twitch is how unoriginal my bathroom is. Most of my rooms have some kind of art hanging in them (more than likely something done by me), but my bathroom… well… it lacked something. It lacked pizzazz.  I mean, sure. I actually made it so my bathroom stuff looked at least a little together – matching colors and what not, but it still lacked something.  So, I decided (as per my norm) to get creative!  I grabbed a canvas and some painters tape and just randomly placed the painters tape all over it.  Then, using colors that kinda went with the colors of my bathroom, I painted in the gaps that were left. After all was dry, I pealed off the tape and voila! Art fit for the bathroom!  It’s far from perfect, but I honestly don’t care.  It’s flaws give it character, damnit! 😀

The one of the left is with the tape still on, and the one on the right is with the tape off. 🙂

After applying a clear coat, I hung it in my bathroom and it now adds a splash of pizzazz to my walls.  Now people can sit on the porcelain throan and say, “Oh look at that pizzazz on the wall.”  I know. I’m strange, but it’s what works for me. 🙂



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