My Plans Have Been Screwy Lately…

I know, I haven’t blogged in  weeks! What’s up with that?! I… well… things kinda went screwy. I had plans and life just flew in and landed right in the way.  I won’t go into all the gory details, but here’s a recap.

Three Fridays ago (May 2nd) I went to Dazzle the District!  It was really cool, but the ceremony was really drawn out.  By the end, everyone was chanting to light it.  So, I got to see the largest outdoor chandelier lit for the first time. 🙂



I was sure that my friend and I rode the RTA in and out of Cleveland for the event and I’m so glad we did!  However, I’ve never been on such a full train before.


On Saturday (May 3rd) was a craft show!  That… ended up interesting.  On the bright side, my friend Andrea and my friend who went with me to Cleveland the night before were there with me!  On the down side, I got seriously sick.  After a couple hours, I was so miserable that I had to take some Pepto.  At least I felt better by the end.  Then there were movies and alcohol to be had and my awesome friends showed up and helped me not only tare down, but load my car. 🙂  My friends rock!


The week ended up being crazy with life.  Lot of stuff kept happening and kept getting in the way of my goals, so I didn’t really get time to blog.  I had planned on having my poetry book published (yes, I’m self publishing it), but as I said, life got in the way.

Two weekends ago was a fun one!  Friday night, I taught one of my friends how to make chocolate covered fruit!  I called it my first session of cooking with Kuu. :p  Then, crazy enough, I got sick again.

The next day, I went out Geocaching with a friend until one of our other friends (much later than anticipated) was able to go with us to Oddmall.  So, we at least had the chance to walk around there quickly, visit with some friends, then came home to watch more movies.

On Tuesday, I found out that I have possible food allergies.  In fact, they probably are right.  Each time I was really sick, I had been eating a crap ton of peanut butter crackers.  Turns out, I’m probably allergic to peanuts.  Oh, and corn, milk, and chocolate.  Isn’t that just fun?  So, now I’m cutting it all out of my diet to see if there’s a big difference.  So far, after just a week, there has been.  Since I stopped eating the crackers, I haven’t been sick once! I was told I can have the stuff here and there in tiny quantities, but I should probably stay away from it for the most part, so I will.

Last week, I cleaned out my pantry, fridge, and freezer.  It was quite an experience.  At the store and after going through stuff has made me realize just how much corn and dairy are in things.  If you want a shocker, start reading labels.  I’m pretty much on a meat, fruits, and veggie diet now unless it’s something I make that doesn’t have the bad stuff in it.  I don’t mind cooking and baking.  In fact, I enjoy it!  I just hate that I’m not allowed to be lazy when I want to be now. :/

This past weekend was… well… a crazy one.  Friday was going great! I went with my best friend and her sons to the Farm Park.  Then, I threw my back out.  Throughout the weekend, I spent it with a couple of great friends who really helped me out by being patient with me, helping me carry things, and funny enough – pulling on my legs.  It helped!  My chiropractor wasn’t too thrilled about my ‘self chiropractics’ but he was happy I at least came in first thing on Monday morning.  Now I’m feeling much much better!

So, on that note, I think that’s a fair enough summary minus the gory details.  :p  Regular post shall resume this week as well as {Wordpress Wednesdays!}.  So, thank you for being patient and look out for some upcoming DIY’s as well!  I’m off to go work on my balcony garden while I wait for some friends to arrive.  Thanks for reading!







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