Trains and Bathtub Races

This weekend was more eventful than I had planned and the plans changed several times throughout.  All in all, it ended up a great time!  The original plan was to tour the roundhouse where they restore trains and then on to the Cleveland Zoo where they were having a free day open to the public.  The day started by leaving an hour earlier than expected (yay!) and heading strait for the roundhouse. The roundhouse was so cool!  I’d never been to one, but Fringe is really into trains and he wanted to show it to me.  I’m glad he did!  We got to see some really awesome train cars and engines that were either restored or were in the process of being restored.  I was totally geeked out by the 1906 steam engine.  Not only did the tour guide tell us how it worked, but seeing just how bit it was made my jaw drop.  One of the wheels was nearly as tall as I am! We also were able to go for a very short train ride up some tracks and back.  When we walked in, I felt strange immediately. It was like I could feel the ghosts that haunt the car.  Of course, the tour guide didn’t tell us until the train was in motion that not only was it haunted, but it was known as the ‘death car’.  It was involved in a train accident in 1943 and 27 people died inside that car alone.  They say it is haunted by 17 spirits.  After the ride, we stood up and had to wait to get off the train.  In an empty seat, I could have sworn there was a spirit.  It felt like there was a lady sitting there and staring at me, but the seat was empty.  After I came home and went through my pictures, I found what looked like a spirit (at least to me) in it. P1000960 So yeah. Enjoy that creepiness.  Otherwise, I had a blast crawling in and out of train cars.  I even explored two cabooses!

Just before we left, we got texts from friends telling us that the traffic was backed up for several miles to the zoo, so we decided to forget the zoo.  Instead, we decided to head to the Maple Festival in Chardon.  On our way back, we stopped and grabbed dinner, then decided to grab some geocaches on the way to the Maple Festival.  After grabbing several caches, we ended up at Holden Arboretum.  We were going to collect a cache there on a trail, but got distracted by the miniature trains they were running.  Yep! More trains.  There’s a group that runs small scale trains around the area and they were meeting there that night.  Since Fringe has been considering checking out that group, we ended up in one of their meetings.  :p  After the meeting, we ended up grabbing a few more caches then calling it quits for the night.

Well, he called it quits.  After I got home, I ended up leaving again to go see my best friend and ended up seeing some people I either don’t see often or haven’t seen in a while.  It was nice!  I was pretty much beat by the time I got home.  I mean, I had been going since 9am and it was 1am.  With all the stuff I did that day, I crashed hard.

Sunday brought with it a determination to watch the Bathtub Races at the Maple Festival.  Yes, you read that right.  Bathtub Races.  I first heard of them three years ago, but I never had the chance to go and watch them.  This year, I was determined, so.. I went!  Finally!  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was actually really fun to watch.  Some people wore costumes and some people were seriously creative with the bathtubs!  I even shot a video. 🙂


Aside from that, I collected my fresh Ohio maple syrup and went home to relax!

So, what’s in store for next weekend?  A show, that’s what!  That’s right, I’ll be set up at the Mentor Civic Center from 9am-4pm!  So, if you’re in the area, come out and say hi!  On that note, I’m going to go ahead and end this post and work on a few new things for the show this weekend.  Thanks for reading!


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