Hogwarts Headache? Tingling Thigh Syndrome?!

We, as a human race, have a lot of sad moments.  We also have some pathetic moments and sometimes, those moments are really really funny to my friend Aslynn and I.  Things kinda went like this.

Aslynn: Did you know “reading headaches” are a new disorder?  Kids are actually being diagnosed with thinking too hard.

Here’s an article from 2003 that talks about “Hogwarts Headaches”

More about “Hogwarts Headaches”

Aslynn:  Just funny elements. The fact that kids get headaches from anything with 800+ pages is pretty pathetic.

From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era.

Me:  Yep.  Wait, text neck? Omg.

Aslynn: Unless you have eyesight issues, I see it as a sign of very weak brains.  Yes these are things.

Me: Ow my brain.

Aslynn: Did you know in the 90’s when low rise tight pants were popular there was an influx of girls with nerve damage in their legs from loss of blood flow?  Or the “glitter makeup causing eye damage” outbreak? lol!  Well yeah, pour glitter on your eyes everyday of course you get crap in em. lol!

Tight Jeans Syndrome

Me: lmao

Aslynn: Also causes low sperm count :p

Me: hahahahhahha!!! Tingling Thigh Syndrome! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Aslynn: Yup! lol

Me: It sounds like something that would be in a porno to get a girl to take her clothes off.

Aslynn: lol!  When i think i have problems i think of people like this.

Me: lmao!!!!!!

Aslynn: When your own pants turn against you something is very wrong. lol


So, do I think these are stupid things causing trouble for us humans?  Yes.  Very much so yes.  I mean, seriously?  Come on, people.  Use your brains.  I know they’re in there!!  Given the things that our bodies are capable of, these should not be things that can cause so much trouble for us.  Just sayin’.



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