What a Weekend!!

This weekend flew by but wow was it fun!  A lot of unexpected things happened.  I have to say, I’ve missed road trips.  Even though I don’t consider an hour and a half away much of a road trip, for someone who hasn’t drove that far for a while, it was fantastic.  Singing at the top of my lungs to great music, traveling, seeing some stuff I hadn’t seen before –  it was great.  I hope to do more things like this soon.

Friday night, I went to Youngstown and spent the night at my grandma’s.  We went out and grabbed some dinner and made a few stops – I couldn’t resist stopping at the huge Pat Catan’s craft store.  It’s the biggest one I’ve been in and every time I’m down there I can’t resist stopping.  I needed a few things anyway. 😉  After that, we went back to her place, looked at some pictures from the family reunion last summer (I was shocked at how much weight I’ve lost since then), then went to bed.

Saturday was my first craft show of the year at my grandma’s church.  It was also the first on she’s ever been to where she’s sat behind the table with me.  She actually had a really good time!  She’s a total social butterfly. hehe… I met some awesome people and connected with a customer.  It was a really cool event.  I hope to do more events down that way.

P1000844After the show, I loaded up my car, Grandma and I grabbed dinner, dropped her off back home, then headed home myself.  I had talked to some friends earlier and told them I’d be home around 9.  One of them is moving into my building and we were going to arrive around the same time, help each other unload our cars, then hang out.  Well, what I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just going to be 5 of us.  More like 9.  And my place was a mess.  So, while two of them went out to get dinner for themselves, three of us walked to Walgreens, bought cat litter (it needed changed), came home, did a speed clean, and then got the party started.  We partied until around 4am.  I couldn’t believe it.  There was friends, alcohol, and (of course) cards against humanity.  It all made for a great night. 🙂

Had a nice little table display going.

Had a nice little table display going.

Three people ended up staying the night in my living room.  The next morning, we walked over to Eat N Park for some brunch.  Yes, we walk a lot around here.  There’s lots of things within very close walking distance.  So, we walked, we ate, we slowly walked home.  Then, there were two of us.

We decided to plug in a pre-atari gaming system I found and give it a try.  It has 3 different versions of pong that can play up to 4 players and also a shooting game.  I’ve never had so much fun and so many laughs playing pong.  This is so going to be featured at my next party!

Anyone who follows my twitter would have seen the couple of vines I posted.

Then there was movie watching and then my last two guests went home.  I was so exhausted because I hadn’t slept much in 3 days, but I decided to stay up because I didn’t want to end up waking up at really strange hours of the morning.  So, I ended up watching another movie while I ate dinner.  Just when I was considering bed, a friend who was in town decided to make a late night visit.  Thankfully, it was a short visit.  I was way too tired for anything more.  So, after he left, I went to bed and I really slept.  Like a rock.

Today, I spent the day pretty much relaxing.  Only things I really did was go shopping, watch movies, and relax.  I really REALLY needed to relax.  I’d also like to take this moment to add that Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is a really good movie. 🙂  With that being said, I’m going to finish my relaxing day/night and go to bed.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back to work as usual so if you’ve sent me an email in the past few days, I do apologize and I’ll be responding to you tomorrow. 🙂  So, how did you spend your weekend?



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