I Don’t Watch TV

Yesterday, a lady come to my door and asked me if I would be interested in doing TV ratings. The conversation went like this:

Lady: Hi! I’m looking for someone who would be willing to submit TV ratings.
Me: I don’t have cable.
Lady: Dish is fine.
Me: No, I really don’t watch TV.
Lady: At all?
Me: I watch one show or what ever is on when I visit my parents. That’s it. Otherwise, I have the internet and I read.
Lady: What do you talk to your co-workers about?
Me: I work from home.
The lady stared at me for a minute and with a look of utter defeat, thanked me and left.

Seriously? If I watch TV, it’s extremely rare. I watch movies, sure! Not much TV. I don’t see why some people find that so weird.
Okay, so that’s not ENTIRELY true. I watch one show: The Big Bang Theory. However, I really don’t have cable or dish. Instead, I asked my parents to DVR it for me (which is all good because they watch the show, too) and when ever I’m over, I catch up. If they watch something else while I’m there, I watch. Otherwise, I really don’t care that much.

sheldon pants
So, what do I do instead? I create, spend time with my boyfriend and friends, work from home, read, enjoy my hobbies, enjoy the outdoors, and sometimes I’ll watch stuff like movies or anime or what not on my TV or computer via Netflix. I don’t really need another bill – especially if I’m not going to use it.

My personal favorite reaction to my not having cable is people like my dad who say things like, ‘what about the news?’ I have the internet. If I want to know what’s going on, I’ll look it up. Besides, if something major is happening, my friends and parents will want to talk about it and I’ll find out. Boom. Done. Message received. Still, I guess it bothers some people that I’m not attached to watching TV, but that’s their problem. :p

So, how many of you watch TV on a regular basis? If you don’t watch TV on a regular basis, what do you do to fill the time?



4 thoughts on “I Don’t Watch TV

  1. I bet she looked at you like you had a third eye or something. I am not super attached, but House is…if we didn’t have Fox News I don’t know what he’d do haha
    As for me….I have shows I record…but I don’t actually watch it on a regular basis…i’m running after a 2 yr old

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