{WordPress Wednesday!} Links, Photos, and Galleries

Welcome to another {Wordpress Wednesdays}!  Today, I’m going to talk about how to insert links into your posts and the different things you can do with photos in your posts.  Start by starting a new post for your blog.  From there, you will be using three buttons to do what I’m about to show you.

linking and photos with arrows

Let’s start with links.  To create a link (this is an easy way), start by typing what you want to be linked.  In this example, I used the word linking.  Then, as I showed above, click on the link button that looks like a chain link.

linking 1


From there, the box below will appear.  You can add in the URL, then (if you want) you can add a title.  Another thing you can choose to do is to have the link open in a new window or tab by checking the box.  Otherwise, you can choose to link to existing content already on your blog.  Once finished, click Add Link and your words will be turned into a link.  If you decide to get rid of the link or you make a mistake, highlight the linked words, then click the un-link button that looks like a broken chain.

linking 2



Now, let’s move on to photos. To add a single photo at a time to your blog post, start by clicking the Add Media button.  If you need to, add your photos at this time by clicking upload files and then follow the prompts.

upload files


Once you have your photos uploaded, click on the photo you want to post.  There will be options that appear below that.  You can title it so it will be easier to find if you need to later, add a caption to appear below it, Alt text which will show when ever you hover over the photo, and a description of the photo.  You can also edit the photo or delete it from your media.

photo 1


If you scroll down, there will be further options such as Align, Link To, and Size.  Align will allow you to chose weather you want it to appear on the left, right, center, or just where ever you place it. Link To will allow you control where the photo will take users when they click on it.  Size will control how large or small the image appears.


Another photo feature that I’ve been starting to have fun with is creating a gallery.  So, if you want photos to show up in artistic groups and such, you can use the gallery feature to make that happen.  It has many features.  Start by clicking Add Media, then Create Gallery on the right hand side of your screen.  Then, select the photos you want to appear in your gallery on your post.  You can select multiple photos by holding down the ctrl button while you click.

gallery 1

Once you have selected the photos you want to turn into a gallery, click Create a new gallery.  Once there, you can drag and move the items around so they appear in the order you wish them to.

gallery 2

Then you can make choices as to how the gallery will appear in your post as well as where they will link to.  Once done, click Insert Gallery to have it appear in your blog post.  When it appears, it will just look like a bunch of little icons.  Save your draft, then click preview to see what it will actually look like once your post is published.

gallery 3

Finally, if you wish to remove or edit anything photo wise from your blog post, simply click the photo, then click either the pencil icon to edit it, or the x icon to delete it from your post.

I hope this helps anyone who’s had questions about this or is just learned something new!  As always, feel free to leave questions and comments below or contact me!


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